The Stonking Steps
Cover of The Stonking Steps  children's book

a journey through ING-ONG-UNG


A delightful children’s fantasy novel
about a boy named Justin
and his quest to find happiness.

SEVEN-YEAR-OLD JUSTIN WALKER is unhappy living with his narrow-minded Aunty Doris and Uncle Ron. He wants more than anything to live with his beloved mother. His unhappiness increases when, just before Christmas, he overhears his aunt planning to send him to a foster home.

The next day, while out on an errand, Justin discovers a portal into the world of ING-ONG-UNG. There he meets Benny the raccoon and his wife Loretta who tell Justin about THE STONKING STEPS, the fabled staircase to happiness. Maybe if Justin goes there he will be reunited with his mother! Benny and Loretta decide to accompany Justin on his journey. Along the way more friends join them in their quest - Nutmeg the gingerbread man, Gregory and Norman the horses, Paco the wooden boy. They all have their own reasons for going to the Stonking Steps.

On their journey, they encounter the evil Nono who programs children's mischievous behaviour on his computer, the greedy Hip who intercepts presents children are supposed to receive from Santa, and the devious schoolteacher Miss Bloop who gives impossible homework assignments.

Can they get past the villains
to get to the Stonking Steps
and find the happiness they are seeking?



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