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Will Rogers has high-functioning autism, Asperger’s Syndrome, and uses this website to share his thoughts & experiences of living with Asperger’s in a neurotypical society.

His viewpoint, Asperger’s is a culture, not a disorder, offers unique insights into the different perspectives of our society & looks at the relationships between Asperger’s & neurotypical people.

On this website you will find…

  • A blog with a series of Will’s  living-with-autism related essays.
  • Information about Will’s (non-autism related) children’s fantasy novel The Stonking Steps.

Will actively seeks your feedback…

Will’s goal is to spread a wider understanding of living with Asperger’s & Autism, and to give insights into one high-functioning autistic person’s perception of the relationship between Autism & general society.

  • Please feel free to leave comments, or send your thoughts & suggestions to Will.
  • Will is happy to answer your questions about his unique experiences of growing up with Autism & living independently as an autistic adult.
  • Will is also available for public speaking appearances, and offers his proofreading services to writers.

Please contact Will through the Contact page.

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