About Will Rogers

I recently wrote The Stonking Steps, a children’s fantasy novel, and live in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

I have high-functioning AUTISM, or ASPERGER’S SYNDROME, which has many pros and cons. I have many interests not normally found in neurotypical people, such as travel itineraries, airline arrival and departure schedules, maps, weather statistics and day-date calculations. These skills have come in handy on my travels, as when I made a solo 122-mile hike across Wales, or when I made a 23-day solo tour of England and Scotland by rail and bus.

Will Rogers

Will Rogers…
who has nothing to do with the American comedian of the same name

I was born in 1969 in Austin, Texas. I lived in Tempe, Arizona and Rochester, Minnesota before moving to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, where I have lived since 1975, except for three years I spent living with my father and stepmother in the United States – one year in Oshkosh, Wisconsin and two years in Fort Dodge, Iowa, where I graduated from high school .

When I was little I was obsessed with Crayola Crayons and knew the names of all of the colours by heart. I also loved to open and close doors. I spent hours drawing pages and pages of pictures of crayons and doors and also got my mother to do this as well.

I have an outstanding memory that traces back to toddlerhood, as well as an ability to feel concern and empathy for troubled people, especially children. I have a wonderful job as a teacher’s assistant at Bishop Pocock School in Saskatoon, working mainly with the Grade Four class.

Because I love to write and have a good imagination, I have recently had a children’s fantasy novel published. You can learn more about my book, entitled The Stonking Steps: A Journey Through Ing-Ong-Ung, in this website.

Sometimes autism presents challenges for me. For instance, I have had problems with abstract language and with organizing responses to questions. Thus, I have had great difficulty in developing and maintaining friendships, largely due to lack of compatibility.

When I was a child, I preferred to play by myself and didn’t like it when other kids interrupted me, but as I got older (around nine or ten), I wanted to have friends. However, I was often teased and bullied, particularly in seventh and eighth grades and part of high school. Even now, I have limited friendships, although two of my best friends have Aspergers and we share many interests in common.

I like to answer questions on autism & share some of my thoughts

I enjoy making public appearances to groups interested in hearing about my experiences with autism and I also enjoy giving readings from my novel. In addition, I offer proofreading services and especially like to work with first-time and emerging authors.

I hope you enjoy browsing through my website & send comments